Key points

  • New data published by NHS England and Improvement show that 59% of over 80s have had their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, there is huge variation across areas.
  • Our analysis explores the data by sustainability and transformation partnership (STP) area. 85% of over 80s in Gloucestershire have been vaccinated compared to 36% in Suffolk and North East Essex.
  • Those areas which have vaccinated the greatest share of over 80s tend to have vaccinated the greatest share of under 80s (largely comprising health and care workers).
  • For areas falling behind, there could be issues with supply (eg supply of the vaccine in some areas covers a smaller share of their over 80s), or issues with capacity (eg practices in some areas might be slower at getting through the supply they have), or some combination. We also know that GP practices were put into four 'waves' which received rounds of vaccine at different times.  Some areas may have received more rounds of vaccine than others, but will catch up in the weeks ahead.
  • More data are needed to unpick the complex range of factors impacting the rollout of the vaccine.

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