Our work on flow In health care, flow is the movement of patients, information and resources within and between services and organisations


Improving the flow of patients, information and resources within and between health and social care organisations has a crucial role to play in coordinating care around the needs of patients, and driving up service quality and productivity.

The importance of flow is increasingly recognised by practice leaders and policymakers throughout the UK. By improving flow health and social care, providers have been able to greatly improve patients’ care experience and also deliver important quality, safety and productivity gains, such as reductions in length of stay, bed occupancy and readmissions.

The Health Foundation has over a decade of experience working on flow through support for a number of large-scale programmes. These include the Flow Coaching Academy (FCA), which has built on learning about care pathway level improvement and training improvement coaches from two previous Health Foundation funded programmes: Flow Cost Quality and the Sheffield Microsystems Coaching Academy. We have also produced several publications on flow, most recently on the challenge and potential of whole system flow

Our publications on flow

Learning report

The challenge and potential of whole system flow

December 2016
Learning report

Outlines an organising framework and tested methods that local health and social care leaders can...

Learning report

Improving patient flow

April 2013
Learning report

This learning report describes the work undertaken by two NHS trusts as part of the Health...

Learning report

Delivering a national approach to patient flow in Wales

September 2017
Learning report

This report summarises the findings of the independent evaluation of the 1000 Lives Improvement...

Our programmes on flow

Improvement project

Flow Coaching Academy

Improvement project

The Flow Coaching Academy programme aims to develop a learning network of FCAs across the UK to...

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