Over the last decade, almost 1 in 10 general practices have taken part in an improvement project supported by the Health Foundation.

We have also funded research projects focusing on general practice, while a number of our Fellows come from general practice backgrounds.

Take a look at the following resources, projects, and Fellow pages to learn more about embedding quality improvement in general practice.

Research report

Quality improvement in general practice: what do GPs and practice managers think?

December 2019
Research report

Our research shows that most GPs and Practice Managers see quality improvement as a core aspect of...

Quick guide

Quality improvement made simple

April 2021
Quick guide

Updated in 2021, this third edition outlines what you need to know about health care quality...

Featured improvement projects


Increasing Continuity of Care in General Practice


This programme ran from 2019 to 2021 and offered five GP practices and federations up to £250,000 to...

Improvement project

Scale up, replication and licensing of the PINCER intervention

Improvement project

Scaled up and spread a proven pharmacist-led intervention that supports pharmacists and pharmacy...

Improvement project

CES: Clinical Effectiveness Southwark

Improvement project

This project aimed to improve outcomes for patients within primary care in the London Borough of...

Improvement project

West End Wellbeing: a place-based multidisciplinary approach to meeting needs in Newcastle’s west end

Improvement project

This project aimed to enable staff and organisations to work together in a multidisciplinary way to...

Improvement project

Using live operational data and improvement science to help primary care teams deliver better patient care: the Tower Hamlets EQUIP programme

Improvement project

This project aims to help GP practices work smarter using existing resources, supplemented by live...

Improvement project

Live Well coaches in primary care

Improvement project

This project aimed to scale up and coordinate access to social and healthy behaviour change support.

Further projects

Find out about other improvement projects in general practice funded by the Health Foundation.

Featured research projects

Research project

The Future of Healthcare

Research project

This project looks at the automation of work in general practice surgeries.

Research project

Translating Improvement Skills

Research project

Exploring the translation of improvement skills and knowledge gained through training, into action...

Related publications


Sharing to improve

May 2018

This briefing introduces approaches to collaborative data sharing that enable improvement in the...


Reducing hospital admissions by improving continuity of care in general practice

February 2017

This briefing summarises research that analysed data from over 230,000 anonymised patient records...


Indicators of quality of care in general practices in England

October 2015

The Health Foundation has undertaken an independent review of indicators of the quality of care...

Evidence scan

Improving quality in general practice

November 2014
Evidence scan

This evidence scan was initially commissioned to inform attendees at the National Summit on Quality...

Research report

Involving primary care clinicians in quality improvement

April 2012
Research report

This is the report of an independent evaluation of our Engaging with Quality in Primary Care (EwQPC)...

Health Foundation Alumni

Below is a list of general practice professionals who have undertaken a fellowship programme with the Health Foundation. Find out about their work and how you may be able to contact them.

Anoop Dhesi, Generation Q Fellow

Bola Owolabi, Generation Q Fellow

Nicola Kemp,  Generation Q Fellow

Mike Jones,  Generation Q Fellow

William Dawson,  Generation Q Fellow

Tim Lyttle,  Generation Q Fellow

Phil Garnett,  Generation Q Fellow

Joanne Medhurst,  Generation Q Fellow

Joanna Bircher,  Generation Q Fellow

David Julien, Generation Q Fellow

Rishabh Prasad,  Generation Q Fellow

Mark Hayes,  Generation Q Fellow

Pete Chamberlain, Quality Improvement Fellow

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