We've been gathering evidence from a wide range of sources across the UK that consider how experiences of the pandemic have been influenced by people’s existing health conditions and inequalities.

This Call for evidence is now closed. If you have any questions about the evidence call, please email COVID-19impactinquiry@health.org.uk.

To support our COVID-19 impact inquiry, we've been gathering evidence from a wide range of sources across the UK that consider how experiences of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have been influenced by people’s existing health conditions and inequalities.  

The evidence call focused on capturing a diverse range of data and perspectives. We were particularly interested in receiving submissions on aspects of the pandemic where there has been less evidence in the public domain.

What evidence were we interested in? 

We were looking for evidence from anyone who has done research within the UK, especially if the research isn’t published anywhere yet.  

Specifically, we were interested in the following questions:   

  1. What was the impact of people’s existing health status on their experience of COVID-19?  
  2. How did people’s individual, social and economic circumstances affect their experience of COVID-19?  
  3. What was the impact of government and societal response to the pandemic on people’s health eg lockdown?  
  4. How has the government and societal response affected the social and economic circumstances that are likely to have implications for people’s long-term health?  

There were also several key themes that we were interested in: 

  • disabled people 
  • carers (formal and informal)  
  • mental health   
  • minority ethnic communities  
  • young and older people  
  • gendered perspectives  
  • care home and nursing home residents  
  • key workers including health and social care workers 
  • those facing new inequalities eg working mothers, self-employed  
  • vulnerable groups eg prisoners, homeless people and those shielding  
  • those experiencing challenges due to digital exclusion  
  • those living with the impacts of ‘long COVID’. 

We encouraged submissions from all four nations within the UK.  

What happens next? 

The evidence is being collated and reviewed by our in-house secretariat. It will be assessed on its strength and relevance to determine whether it will be included in our analysis and synthesis of the pandemic’s impact. Findings from the COVID-19 impact inquiry are due to be published in summer 2021. We may not consider research on areas where we have enough material from other published sources, unless the submitted evidence challenges it.  

Due to the high volume of evidence we received, we are not able to get back to everyone. However, we may delve deeper into the themes set out above and get in touch if we have any follow up questions.  

This call for evidence closed on Friday 18 December 2020. If you have any questions, please email COVID-19impactinquiry@health.org.uk.

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