Evidence for healthy lives We want a better evidence base for decision making on what works to improve people’s health


Securing good health requires new approaches to generating and using evidence about population-level action on the wider determinants of health.

Find out more below about the Health Foundation's work to strengthen and develop the evidence base in order to support population-level policy action and intervention to improve health.

A new model of evidence

We are working with Dr Harry Rutter from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to develop a new model of evidence that will inform public health research, policy and practice.

Find out more about this work in the link below.


The need for a complex systems model of evidence for public health

June 2017

A Viewpoint paper that outlines the need for new approaches to designing and evaluating...

Research project

Building a new system for the generation and use of public health evidence

Research project

The Health Foundation has commissioned a project to further the development and building of a new...


Webinar: Evaluating complex systems approaches to improving health


How do we know whether systems approaches to tackling complex public health challenges are...


Webinar: System mapping as a tool for action


Interested in complex system mapping, but unsure about how it can help you find solutions to public...


Webinar: Complex public health challenges and local action


This webinar will be helpful for those working in public health and local government.

A recipe for action

It is increasingly recognised that addressing the current challenges facing people’s long-term health outcomes in the UK isn’t simply a problem of research translation and access to existing evidence. It is a more fundamental problem: the evidence relevant to population-level action for long-term population health benefit – and the support to produce such evidence – is limited.

Producing such evidence requires current public health challenges to be viewed as social, economic, political and cultural phenomena. It also requires a wider set of disciplines to be deployed to both understand and address the challenges effectively.


A recipe for action: using wider evidence for a healthier UK

June 2018

This essay collection explores why we need trans-disciplinary approaches to improve the public's...


From evidence to action: X Factor event round up


On 6 February 2018, we held a unique ‘X Factor’ style event that illustrated the diverse types of...

The social and economic value of health

We have made £2m funding available for innovative research that builds evidence for health as an asset for society and the economy, and generates knowledge to understand the impact that an individual's health has on their own social and economic outcomes.

Find out more about the programme and some of its projects below.


Social and Economic Value of Health: Individuals (2017)


Our programme exploring the impact of health on the social and economic outcomes of individuals and...

Newsletter feature

Six projects building evidence about the vital contribution that people’s health makes to society and the economy

30 April 2018
Newsletter feature

Social and economic factors have a complex, dynamic and multi-directional relationship with people’s...

Generating new insights through partnership

The Health Foundation is pleased to be a member of the UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP), an alliance of funders who have agreed to commit £50m to support research into the primary prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Find out more about the partnership by clicking below.


UK Prevention Research Partnership


The Health Foundation is a member of the UKPRP, an alliance of funders supporting research into the...

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