Emergency medicine Emergency medicine includes care services that look after unscheduled patients needing immediate attention for illnesses or injuries


This branch of medicine has seen significant increases in patient admissions in recent years, which has presented challenges to delivery of quality services.

Our recent work and content on this topic is listed below.

Surviving COVID: The impact of the pandemic on the mental health of NHS workers

21 December 2020

This film illustrates the impact of the pandemic on the mental wellbeing of NHS workers and highlights the importance of providing emotional support to them at this challenging time and into the futur...

Non-COVID-19 NHS care during the pandemic

12 December 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted hospital care for tens of thousands of patients. Our analysis covers activity trends for NHS services in England, from the beginning of the pandemic to October/November 2020. 

How are total triage and remote consultation changing the use of emergency care?

3 December 2020

New analysis from the Improvement Analytics Unit looks at how shifts to total triage and remote consultation is impacting the use of emergency care.

Surviving COVID documentary airs on Channel 4

2 December 2020

When the first surge of the virus hit the UK in March 2020, the Health Foundation decided to support a Sandpaper Films documentary for Channel 4.

The impact of Extensive Care Service and Enhanced Primary Care in Fylde Coast

November 2020

This briefing explores IAUs evidence on how multidisciplinary teams may increase emergency hospital activity at least in the short term.

Prioritising patients for emergency surgery or not: the impact of COVID-19 (ESORT-C19)

Research project

Research on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of emergency surgery versus conservative management, to inform decision-making during the COVID-19 recovery period.

How has children and young people’s usage of A&E been impacted by lockdown and social distancing?

3 September 2020

Social distancing has driven reduced demand for A&E services since March, particularly by children and young people. We explore the data and identify opportunities for long-term improvement in service...

Exploring the fall in A&E visits during the pandemic

30 June 2020

COVID-19 has led to radical changes in the way that people are using NHS services, including emergency care. What lies behind the fall in A&E visits and are there lessons for how care should be provid...

Emergency care: what do the May data show?

11 June 2020

In previous analyses we explored how COVID-19 is changing the use of emergency care on a national and regional level. In these charts we add in the data for May 2020 and reflect on how the picture is ...

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