• Be presented with tips and ideas on how to keep your audiences interested and on board with the project.
  • Understand the power of storytelling in health care improvement.
  • Be able to evaluate and communicate progress to date, and to prepare your communications for the final project stage on spread.

Keep your audiences engaged

Once a health care improvement project is underway, it can be a challenge to maintain levels of interest and engagement.  

Plan regular communications with the audiences you have already engaged. Much time and resource is likely to have been spent in capturing their attention, so it makes sense to invest a bit more in keeping it.

Here we look at various communications techniques that can help maintain interest. And we look at how to harness the power of storytelling in health care improvement.

Download the resources:

Prepare to spread your improvement work

After planning, launching and sustaining your communications, the time has come to focus on how to spread the work and learning from your project. 

Before you embark on this phase of improvement communications, you will need to gather the evidence from your project that will demonstrate impact and learning. 

It is also an ideal time to take an objective view of your communications to date and look for areas where you can improve in the future.  

Download the resources:

Further reading


Section 1: Planning for success


Build your communications team, identify your audiences and create a strategy.


Section 2: Getting started


Take the strategic planning from section one and turn it into action.


Section 4: Spreading your work


This section focuses on how communications can help spread the learning and ideas generated by your...

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