The Health Foundation podcast Interviews with experts and high-profile guests discussing the most important issues affecting the future of health and care for people in the UK

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Our new podcast series looks at the most important issues affecting the future of health and care for people in the UK.

In each episode our chief executive Dr Jennifer Dixon interviews the leading minds in health and health care, and high-profile guests from politics and beyond, to get their views on the most topical issues and their implications for our health.

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Episode list

Inside the teen mind: what’s happening to mental health?

22 May 2021

Episode 8. What changes in day-to-day life are affecting the mental health of today’s young people?

Wising up to levelling up

22 April 2021

Episode 7. Is levelling up a serious aspiration for the Government? And what strategy would be needed to reduce health inequalities?

President Biden’s uphill task on US health care

22 March 2021

Episode 6. What can the Biden administration accomplish on health and health care in the next four years?

Do we care enough?

22 February 2021

Episode 5. We all need care at some point in our lives – so why is care undervalued so often?

'Deaths of despair': a tale of two countries

22 January 2021

Episode 4. Why is life expectancy stalling more in the US and UK compared to other OECD countries?

After the COVID storm: where next for the NHS?

22 December 2020

Episode 3. What is the long-term path for the NHS when the emergency phase of COVID is over? 

What should nanny do next? The government and obesity

22 November 2020

Episode 2. Obesity in the UK is on the up. What should the Government's role be in tackling it?

How to be health secretary - Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP and Nick Timmins

22 October 2020

Episode 1. What is the role of the health secretary? What are the lessons learnt from COVID-19?

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