Joint letter to The Times from the Health Foundation, The King's Fund and Nuffield Trust calls for social care reform proposals to be brought forward in the Queen's Speech.

'The prime minister has a chance to succeed where his predecessors failed: to create a bold vision for adult social care that supports people to lead fulfilling lives. Yet James Forsyth writes that there is still “intense discussion in Whitehall” about whether to include a plan for social care reform in the Queen’s Speech (How the Tories can appeal to young voters, 23 April 2021).

Boris Johnson has promised to fix social care. To do so will take a long-term strategy and investment. This must resolve the question of how to fund social care, to better meet growing need and provide individuals with greater state protection against costs. But this alone is not enough. The underpaid workforce must be fairly rewarded, expanded and supported to develop new skills. And thousands of overstretched care providers need stable funding. The PM must seize this opportunity to set out his vision for social care and a timetable for reform.'

Dr Jennifer Dixon, Chief Executive, the Health Foundation

Richard Murray, CEO, The King’s Fund 

Nigel Edwards, CEO, Nuffield Trust

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