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As well as comment and opinion from our staff, we also have contributions from people we have worked with over the years.

The opinions expressed by bloggers and by those commenting on blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Health Foundation. The Health Foundation is not responsible for any of the information supplied by its bloggers.

We also offer a range of long reads on key subjects related to our work.

Our most recent blogs

Promises and progress: what has COP26 got to do with health?

Newsletter blog
28 October 2021

Climate change and health are inextricably linked. Jennifer Dixon reflects on the related challenges and opportunities ahead of COP26.

Getting REAL on future health and social care funding

22 October 2021

What’s next, and what’s needed, for health and social care funding? Elaine Kelly rounds up recent evidence from the REAL Centre.

The challenge of going green: creating a more sustainable Health Foundation

19 October 2021

As a funder, investor and a workplace, environmental sustainability should be a 'green thread' running through all Health Foundation activities. Tom Hardie describes our organisational approach to cli...

Five tests for levelling up health

12 October 2021

Expectations around the imminent levelling up white paper are high. But will it truly seize the opportunity to level up health? Here are our five tests to assess the white paper's level of commitment.

Health is wealth – investors can no longer afford to ignore it

8 October 2021

National and local governments have the power to address the root causes of health, and they do, to an extent. But investors and businesses have considerable agency over commercial health determinants...

A complex patchwork of programmes

4 October 2021

The Health Foundation’s Improvement team share some findings from their mapping of the health care technology and innovation landscape.

Pandemic to endemic and the challenges ahead

Newsletter blog
1 October 2021

Anita Charlesworth summarises the challenges facing the health and care system and brings together our key work and analysis in this area. 

The cut to Universal Credit is set to widen health inequalities when the government has promised to ‘level up’ health

28 September 2021

David Finch, assistant director of Healthy Lives, writes about why the £20 uplift to Universal Credit must be made permanent.

Tackling health inequalities: how the government can do things differently to build back better

15 September 2021

Is now a golden opportunity to truly improve cross-government working? Gwen Nightingale and Katherine Merrifield take a look at why joining up is vital to addressing health inequalities.

Green shoots: creating the conditions for health care innovation to flourish

14 September 2021

How will the four new Adopting Innovation hubs cultivate the optimal environment for change to be implemented effectively, efficiently and sustainably? Laura Semple and Richard Stubbs share their reas...

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