• We are seeking a supplier to develop the brand identity for our new Collaboration for Wellbeing and Health.
  • This work should establish the Collaboration as an initiative in its own right, with a unique identity separate from the Health Foundation.
  • We anticipate bids up to £60,000 inclusive of taxes and VAT.
  • Deadline for responses is midday 12 January 2022.

About the Collaboration for Wellbeing and Health

The Collaboration for Wellbeing and Health is a new initiative funded by the Health Foundation, aiming to develop a bold, cross sector movement calling for action on the wider determinants of health. Its vision is a society where everyone has the building blocks for good health, wherever they are born, work and live.

Co-developed by a set of founding members and a small team within the Health Foundation, the Collaboration seeks to develop a clear campaigning voice and powerful communications to reach audiences across the public, private and third sector. It will call on policy makers, sector leaders and the public to recognise the nation’s health as an asset to society and invest in policies known to create the conditions for healthy lives.

To achieve these objectives, the Collaboration aims to shift public discourse around health and build a new narrative about how health is created, moving away from focusing on individual responsibility and the health care system supporting people when they are unwell, to how the wider determinants influence our health.

This will include directly engaging the public through awareness raising campaigns. Alongside this, members will build pressure for policies across government that put good health and wellbeing at their heart.

Agency partner to develop a brand identity

We are seeking an agency partner to help develop the brand identity for the Collaboration for Wellbeing and Health, including a renaming of this new initiative. Deliverables include brand assets, templates, standards for guardianship, guidelines, and brand protection advice.

The successful supplier is expected to analyse the Collaboration's emerging brand strategy, to ensure the identity will achieve its goals and reflect its mission. Advisory services are also sought for the incorporation of the brand in the Collaboration's campaigning activities, due to launch in 2022. There is potential for the selected supplier to bid to be the creative partner for our first public awareness campaign. 

Creating a distinctive brand identity is essential to establish the Collaboration as a new charitable campaigning initiative among external audiences including the public, potential member organisations and key stakeholders across the private, public and third sectors. Its identity needs to be vibrant, relatable to a wide audience, inspire trust and empower action. 

How to apply

To submit a proposal, please complete and email electronic copies of the tender response form, budget template and any accompanying documents to Nicole Welsh, Senior Communications Manager, nicole.welsh@health.org.uk by midday 12 January 2022.

Further instructions around the information expected to be included in your proposal are in the invitation to tender document. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the brief, please contact Nicole Welsh.

An acknowledgement of your application will be made and you will be notified of whether you have been shortlisted for interview by 17 January 2022.

Interviews will take place on the afternoons of 24 and 25 January 2022. These will take place remotely over video call.

More about the Collaboration


The Collaboration for Wellbeing and Health


Find out more about our work to take collective action to address the wider determinants of health.

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