Ines Gravey Hospital Director

Organisation: Paris University Hospitals

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About me

Ines Gravey is a 2019/20 French Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice. 

Ines is a hospital director for the Paris University Hospitals (AP-HP) and an expert in hospital restructuring within the French Ministry of Health. She has led major recompositions among hospitals in northern Paris, and as director of human resources has built and tested plans to support health professionals during closings and mergers.

Passionate about change management, professional engagement, and collaborative approaches, Gravey has drawn on her expertise in carrying out the reform of 'hospital group territories' for the French Ministry of Health, ensuring that the human factors of these restructurings are taken into consideration.

She has implemented new approaches to public innovation and provided informed consultation on major health care reforms, including around the medical governance of hospitals. She co-founded Hospitalents, which brings together hundreds of health professionals from across all regions of France to address common challenges, develop design prototypes, and test new solutions in the country’s first hospital innovation community. This partnership between the Ministry of Health, the EHESP French School of Public Health, and the Performance Agency is the first program to introduce entrepreneurship in French hospitals.

Ines holds a Masters in Public Law (2009), passed the national examination of hospital directors (2011), and graduated from the French School of Public Health (2014).

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