• The Health Foundation is supporting HSR UK’s 15th annual conference on 5–7 July 2022, contributing to several sessions over the three days.
  • The HSR UK Conference 2022 will be hosted at the University of Sheffield and online.
  • The conference will promote and support applied health and care research across the UK, bringing together participants from universities, government, the NHS, local authorities, research funding agencies and charities.

The Health Foundation is supporting the HSR UK Conference 2022, on 5–7 July, at the University of Sheffield and online.

Come and meet representatives of the Health Foundation in the exhibition area (basement foyer), and hear from our experts at several sessions including:

Research presentation discussion session: Issues in primary care theme

Wednesday 6 July, 10.20–11.30

  • Rebecca Fisher (Senior Policy Fellow) presents ‘Addressing the inverse care law in general practice: Analysis of national policies to improve general practice in deprived areas in England since 1990, and implications for future policy’.
  • Caroline Fraser (Policy Analyst) presents ‘Trends in continuity of care in general practices before and during the COVID-19 pandemic’.


Tackling the inverse care law

January 2022

Without deliberate policy action, inequities in the availability of high-quality general practice in...

Workshop: Children and young people's mental health – new insights using linked data from Networked Data Lab

Wednesday 6 July, 10.20–11.30

Sebastien Peytrignet (Senior Data Analyst) chairs a discussion with colleagues from the Leeds Office of Data Analytics, Public Health Wales, and Imperial College Health Partners.

Find out how analytical teams across the UK came together via the Networked Data Lab to use linked health datasets, delivering novel insights into children and young people’s mental health.


Children and young people’s mental health


We explore what we know about the state of children and young people’s mental health services using...

Workshop: Implementing remote consultation – how are patients interacting with a digital service and how are they impacted?

Wednesday 6 July, 13.40–14.50

In recent years GP practices have introduced digital services to allow patients to access GP services online, including digitally supported access, triage and remote consultation.

Arne Wolters (Head of the Improvement Analytics Unit) leads this workshop exploring the impact on patients – including how they interact with digital services, what type of consultations patients request and receive, how they experience digitally supported access, and the impact on health inequalities.


Access to and delivery of general practice services

March 2022

This briefing from the Impact Analytics Unit examined data from 146 GP practices in England using...

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