NHS funding Funding increases of around 4% a year above inflation are needed to ensure the quality of care and meet rising pressures, which is significantly higher than current plans


The NHS needs adequate funding to meet rising demand and costs but funding has increased at historically low levels in the past decade.

We conduct research and analysis of NHS finances and funding to inform policymaking and ensure the debate is evidence-based and focused on the future.

Why our perceptions of the NHS matter

1 April 2021

Claudia Barclay and Charles Tallack explore why countering misperceptions about the NHS is vital to good decision making.

Sunak was silent on social care when action is needed now

10 March 2021

The Budget continued a pattern of minimal short-term social care funding and nothing about longer term reform, write Lucinda Allen and Charles Tallack.

The Chancellor’s squeeze on public spending signals a long and deep period of austerity

8 March 2021

While the Chancellor is spending big on the rescue phase of COVID-19, the Budget was silent on how to recover health and social care after the pandemic writes Anita Charlesworth.

Why the market matters in adult social care (and what we can do about it)

26 February 2021

There are endemic failures in the adult social care market. In this blog we explain why reform is needed and identify a set of questions we think need to be explored.

Years of underinvestment made the UK’s death toll so much higher than it need have been

19 February 2021

The scene for the current crisis was set long before the virus arrived. Anita Charlesworth explores three critical areas that have contributed to the heavy COVID-19 death toll in the UK.

Social care funding gap

Data analysis

Our estimates of what it would cost to stabilise and improve adult social care in England.

Spending Review 2020: Managing uncertainty

Data analysis

Our REAL Centre analysis explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health care spending, and what this means for the NHS long term plan.

Listening to the future: Introducing the REAL Centre

Newsletter feature
29 October 2020

The Health Foundation has launched the REAL Centre, dedicating £20m of investment to its work supporting long-term planning in health and social care. 

To govern is to choose

23 October 2020

Choices about health and social care must be made with a strong emphasis on their long-term consequences if history is not to repeat itself, writes Anita Charlesworth.

The REAL Challenge: Beyond crystal balls and COVID-19

16 October 2020

Catch up on the inaugural REAL Challenge Lecture by Sir Andrew Dilnot in which he outlined how some key challenges in health and social care are exacerbated by a short-termist approach and why longer-...

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